Written by: Silvia K. Lopez de la Rica, DIN Forsyning

DIN Forsyning is now fully implementing the Dalux Facility Management System, which helps support the high quality and steady supply of utilities for customers in the Esbjerg and Varde Municipality. The app’s solution and its high usability were the two main reasons DIN Forsyning decided on DaluxFM. Good cooperation has also created the best conditions for the system’s implementation to have gone smoothly from the start. DaluxFM supports high quality and steady supply of utilities for customers.

In January, the Facility Management department of DIN Forsyning began the implementation of the Dalux Facility Management System. The FM system provides a quick overview of the tasks related to the maintenance of all buildings of DIN Forsyning, in order to support the high quality and steady supply for customers in the Esbjerg and Varde Municipalities.

Even though we work in an industry where many of our customers only first notice us when things do not work, we work on these things everyday.  Among other ways, we do this by having control over our buildings. Jacob Lorenzen Plet

Department Manager, Facility Management, DIN Forsyning

Implementation goes better than expected
After some time, the department has set up the entire system and the workflows needed to support the strategic and economic operation of the utility supply. Just five months later, they are well on their way.
The implementation of DaluxFM has gone better than expected. The solution fully meets our user-friendliness requirements, and it is undoubtedly a big part of the reason why it has gone so well. You get a quick overview – both on the PC and via the mobile phone. Jacob Lorenzen Plet

Well prepared
DIN Forsyning has received proper training and has participated in short follow-up meetings, where super-users of DaluxFM were given a thorough review of the modules used everyday in implementing the solution. In addition, at the meetings, any challenges that the department experienced were discussed.
I think we, as a department, have been prepared well, and it has been a pleasure to see how my colleagues have adjusted to the new system.  They can see the value of Dalux in everyday life, even the president at 72 years old, who uses the system effortlessly. Jacob Lorenzen Plet

At Dalux, we are committed to creating a start-up process that ensures that DaluxFM can quickly deliver value to the customer.  A prerequisite for this is that the customer’s internal organization takes an active part in the process and is prepared to take on the task. DIN Forsyning can be emphasized here as a good example.
We have been very positive about the cooperation with DIN Forsyning. It is good to see a utility company take on new technology and continuously see new applications. Mikkel Laurberg

Sales Manager, Dalux

About DIN Forsyning
DIN Forsyning supplies hot and clean water in Varde and Esbjerg Municipalities and handles rain and wastewater. In Varde Municipality, they are responsible for waste and recycling. Their main task is to ensure a stable, efficient, and well functioning supply of high quality utilities. Both now and in the future.