A new version of Dalux Build was recently released. We would like to highlight some of the new features.


Change your personal and project settings in the app

Many of the possibilities you have in the Dalux online version can soon be accessed and adjusted within the app. Now you can change the notification settings directly in the app and chose how often you want to receive emails when a change is made.

You can also update your personal settings, including your name, company, telephone number, and your preferred language on the project.


New workflow for approval processes

The new workflow for task approval is more efficient.  Before, contractual papers were resolved by the building owner but then had to be sent back to the original contractor for approval before being closed. Now, the building owner has the opportunity to approve or reject the contract note and thereby close the case.

For example, when a contract note is needed for the execution of additional work, it will be created by the contractor and assigned to the building owner or representing consultant. The contractor will be notified when the contract note is approved or rejected and will not need to do anything further.



Hyperlinks between PDF and DWG drawings

Until now, it was only possible to see drawings side by side when they were uploaded through our Revit plugin. You now have the option to link PDF and DWG files, making it easier to navigate between the drawings in a project.

Dalux Tender

With Dalux Tender, you can manage the whole process digitally. This optimizes your work process, saves time, and reduces costs. The tender administrator can create new tenders and handle several tenders in the tender module simultaneously.  It is now possible to add bidders and group tender documents into folders. When the tender is completed, the administrator will be able to see all the bids.