We have released a new version of Dalux Build!

Here we highlight some of the new features.


New improved BIM Viewer

The BIM Viewer has been improved, and you will now have the full model. The most important change is that the uploading time, when updating or uploading new models to your project, will be significantly faster than before and downloading your models will also be much faster.

Save custom filters

We have made it possible to create and save custom filters. This means that if you only want to look at a specific task type, for example, you can save a filter for it and organize tasks pertaining to that task type. So, even if you have over 1,000 tasks, you can easily go to the saved filter to find the specific tasks you are looking for and also see a good overview of the filters you have saved.

Send checklists with a deadline

You can now send a checklist with a deadline and require people to fill out the checklist within a specific time period.


Upload directly from Revit to Box

You can now upload your drawings directly as a PDF with Revit to your folder structure in Box.