We have a new version of Dalux Field coming right at you!

Here’s a video where we go through the new features. You can also read about them below.


Dalux Quality Control

Introducing a company overview

With the new company module, you will get a fast overview of all your projects. We have collected all data across your projects, so that you can see how many safety incidents have been reported, or the performance of a subcontractor, for instance. You can also have all your templates and organizational setups in one place.


Connect your tasks to a control plan

Easier to document when you are doing quality assurance or quality control.


Fewer clicks with quick-fields

You have been able to define quick-fields for your own use. If you are making the same three tasks or issues, you might want to be able to pick the subject line from a list instead of typing it out. That is the purpose with quick-fields. Now it is also possible to do it more centrally and per contract. Define quick-fields for the ventilation, electricity or any other contract.  With this new function, the IT administrator can define these topics per contract and thereby assisting the people out on site.


Make it easier to find the person you are looking for

Add the title on each person in the contact list.


Dalux Box

Easier access to older document versions

Save a specific version of specific documents in one version set. You will be able to easily go back to certain milestones in your project.


Distribute a document, or several, with one click

A project portal is a lively place where documents and files are continuously added, updated and changed. To avoid that the updates of the more important documents gets overlooked, you can make a distribution list. People who are connected to the distribution list get an email when the selected files are updated.


Use a company specific folder structure

If you are using the same folder structure on all your projects, you can now have it saved in Box so you don’t have to invent the wheel again and again.


Send files to an external partner

You can choose if the recipient should be able to download or just view the file.


Find documents on your mobile phone

… and use your preferred app to open the document.


Dalux BIM Viewer

Support for IFC 4 and Revit 18

You can upload your IFC 4 or Revit 18 files to Dalux BIM Viewer and Dalux Field.


Now you can also filter the view on zones on you mobile


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