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Quick and instant documentation on site, add photos and comments.


Access your project even when there is no internet.

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Use your BIM-model on site for your quality assurance.

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Get started easily, even for tech beginners.

Easy access to all your checklists

Have your checklists with you on your phone to document your work as you go. Access previous checklists from your app and save ongoing work to be continued next time.

Add pictures

Take pictures with your phone or tablet to be added directly your checklists. Over 2 million pictures have been added to checklists in Dalux Field.

Checklist functionality in BIM mobile app

Tailored checklists

Easily set up your company’s checklists and checklists tailored for the specific project. Use standard items to create your own checklists.

Link BIM-objects to checklists

With Dalux user-friendly BIM Viewer it is easy to link BIM-objects to checklists, navigate in the 3D model and upload pictures.

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