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More than 600 million sq feet / 55 million m2 in Dalux BIM Viewer – the only viewer to handle large and complex models on site.

World class

More than 8,500 projects around the world are using our viewer.

2D/3D integration

See your model and drawings combined.


Intuitive interface makes manuals obsolete.

Open BIM

Support many formats, including IFC and BCF.

Dalux Field on desktop and mobile

All discipline models in one

Upload models from several disciplines and see them combined in our viewer – on the phone or on the computer. Filter on disciplines, objects, etc., to get the view you want.

Dalux supports open BIM. Upload your IFC files to our BIM motor. Or use our Revit plugin to add your model files directly from Revit. In addition, you can have both IFC and revit in the same model.

Drawings can be in pdf, dwg, dwfx, png or jpg.

Interact with your model

Even if you’ve never worked with BIM or in a 3D-model, it is easy to interact with the model in the Dalux BIM Viewer. Make cuts, take measures and see the BIM properties – on the computer or in our app.

2D drawings with Dalux Field app on tablet

Drawings on your phone

Have your drawings on your phone, and ensure you always have the latest versions with you. See your 2D drawings together with the model.

If you don’t have a BIM/3D-model, use our viewer for all your PDF-drawings.

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