The story of Dalux started in 2005. CTO Bent Dalgaard got an idea to make the construction industry smarter and more efficient. Just after a few years, the company has begun to grow faster. Futher, our goals have been set higher and the number of employees has increased rapidly. We are delighted to see this growth and we are not planning to slow the development.

This quarter we are proud to announce that employee number 100 joined the Dalux team. The happy, new member of the team is Gustav Brieghel Jensen who starts working full time as a Software Developer. Congratulations!

Reaching this milestone is not just another number for us. Dalux is growing fast but most importantly it makes us know that we are on the right track to achieve our goals. The whole team is extremely enthusiastic and excited to be a part of this amazing journey. We are looking forward to many more milestones.

With 100 employees and offices in several countries, we do not want to stop! So, if you are interested in being part of our wonderful team, have a look at the job vacancies.