Dalux was recognized as Børsen Gazelle in 2018, and Dalux is proud to be among the top of Gazelle companies with a growth of 190%. 

It has been an insane year for Dalux and the next financial year looks even better.

We are very honored to be a Gazelle company. Dalux’s vision is to create the world’s best products, and we look forward to see what the future will bring –  Torben Dalgaard, CEO, Dalux.

A Gazelle company is characterized as a high-growth company that has been increasing its revenues by at least 20% annually for four years or more.

In less than two years, the Dalux team has been expanded from 20 to 60 employees.  Today, Dalux products are used in more than 90 countries with over 40,000 users from all around the world.