Project: Extension Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden 
Client: Västfastigheter
Consultant: WSP (among others)
Contractor: NCC (among others)
Price: Approx. 1 billion SEK

The area right next to Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital at Östra Sjukhuset in Gothenburg, Sweden, is turned into a big construction site. Västfastigheter are building an extension to the children’s hospital. When the project is finished in 2020, the hospital will have 100 new beds and Europe’s most modern operating rooms with highly advanced technology.

Because of the scope and the complexity of the project, they have chosen to use Dalux Field to keep track of the over 400 technical systems.

To have the correct information available for the right person at the right time is always important on a construction site. But it all gets even more important when it is a complex project like the one we have here.

Anders Rosell

Information Coordinator, WSP

Digital aid to keep track of changes

Dalux Field is used for issue management on the site. Contractors and subcontractors send their questions to the quality assurance representatives through the system, with attached photos and relevant drawing material. This considerably lessens the time used for registration and follow-up on deficiencies and changes.

IT systems can be hard to implement in the organization. We have mimicked our traditional processes by using the same wording. In that way, people on site still know what they are supposed to report and expected to answer to. The only differences are that firstly, the process is sped up because all communication is in one place, and secondly that we have everything documented in case we need to go back and see what has been decided and why. 

We chose Dalux Field because we are always on the lookout for better solutions and optimize our processes for deviation reporting, and Field has been the best fit for our needs.

Anders Rosell

Information Coordinator, WSP

Dalux Field has been used on the Extension Queen Silvia’s Children’s Hospital project since April 2016.

See the drawings and BIM models together

The 2D and 3D integration has been one of the more important features for the project to use out on site. WSP are consultants and work with both design and quality assurance, and having a view with both the drawing and the model provides a good understanding of the space. Especially for the ones out on the construction site. Here, the two formats can complement each other.

For more information about the project:

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