Dalux Project

The new core in BIM-models

Well tested

Dalux Project is used by the most ambitious architects and engineers all around the world. Collaborating in Dalux Project

Company standard

Create company standard BIM content, all cloud based BIM-buildingparts, with easy updates for multiple models

Efficient design proces

Central maintenance of information, BIM-objects and documents. All linked to all your projects and BIM-models

3D Viewer

Dalux own 3D Viewer is built in, providing a stunning visual overview of all the projects models and its properties

Always updated quantities

Always updated quantities with advanced 5D BIM. No manual measurements on 2D drawings. The quantity surveyors new favorite tool.


Dalux Project supports all classification standards with a unique possibility to structure your data

C.F.Møller A/S use Dalux Project

Denmarks biggest architectural company use Dalux Project on all of their projects.


The use of Dalux Project creates a unique connection in the project, which we haven’t bin able to before.

We now have objects and object parameters is connected, we now centrally can manage all our object information and their detailing.


Jan Bundgaard, Head of BIM, C.F.Møller

New 130.000 m2 Hospital use Dalux Project

“Advisor at Group USK, Dalux Project is a key element in our BIM portfolio of IT project planning tools. We use Dalux Project for centralized management and naming of buildings / objects and their properties. This ensures that the established principles and standards compliance , which is fundamental for data in all processes where building models are used as the data foundation. “Says Svend Gausheim White, CEO and project manager for RGUSK I / S


Shared BIM-Catalouge

Dalux Project brings together all the company’s BIM-objects from Revit and makes them available in a cloud solution with access from the web or directly in Autodesk Revit.

Dalux Project ensures that all projects are working with the latest and most fitting objects – it makes the project team more efficient and ensures a higher quality of design .

When a new project is starts in the design phase, you no longer use time to ” invent ” the same objects again with eg property data ( classifications , descriptions, fire class ) , documents , descriptions and much more. All information is available from the start of the project – both online and in Revit!


5D tender list always updated in Dalux Project – Directly from Revit

Dalux Project links all tender lists with the BIM.models, so changes reflect directly in the tender lists.

Dalux Project ensures that all objects from the BIM-models is included in the tenderlist with amounts directly measured from the model. Nothing is overlooked or forgotten. All non modelled objects are of course managed in Dalux Project.


Remove the time consuming assignments

Dalux Project removes the boring time consuming data work, which is essential during BIM-design.

  • Automatic classfication of objects.
  • Multi editing objects across models in the project.
  • Tender lists with amounts reused from prier project.
  • All object data managed in one place.
  • All documents linked and reused from prier projects
  • Quality assurance on every thinkable data object

… and much more

Lead consultant on new hospital OUH use Dalux Project

A new hospital in Odense will in 2022 be 250.000 m2 all collaborated in Dalux Project. Construction price is 1,02 billion dollars.

With Dalux Project we always have an overview of all our object data across all the BIM-models.

In Dalux Project we register and structure the countless information regarding our objects.

We are planning to collect all the information used for Facility Management which makes the digital handover much easier.

Michael Porskær, BIM Manager, at Medic OUH