Manage your assets


Use the provided overview to keep track of all your assets.


Create, explore, and edit your assets onsite on the mobile app.

QR codes

Create QR codes for your assets for quick HelpDesk reporting.


With DaluxFM, you can get a great overview of all your assets. The assets can be easily created in the system or on the mobile app. If the assets are already registered, they can be imported via Excel. Decide for yourself which information you want on your assets. Based on what is registered, the data fields you want to fill in are created.


The mobile app allows you to take pictures of the asset to upload to the system.  The asset can be added to a floor plan, so the asset is easily found when needed.

QR Codes

QR codes can be created and printed, making it easy for users or technicians to quickly gather all information about the asset, such as filed documents and service history.  When placed in a technical room, QR codes can be used to help you find maintenance manuals and drawings with a few clicks. With the mobile app, all your technology is at your fingertips.


Create assets directly from the BIM model with your mobile device. Connect information and geometry.  Alway accessible on your phone or tablet.

Modules – Scale the system for your organisation

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