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Great oveview

Manage all your buildings and all their information in one place


Get a great visuel overview of your building- and Lotportfolio with GIS integrations

3D and 2D

See all your 3D models and 2D drawings in DaluxFM. Both on web and on mobile devices

Great overview

Get a great overview off all your buildings and lots. DaluxFM’s main module has a simple and graphical navigation with easy access to the most used information about buildings. The DaluxFM overview map provides a quick, graphical overview of the building portfolio with easy access to floor plans and print out drawings.


2D and 3D

The Dalux 3D viewer is built-in, giving a stunning visual overview of your building and its building components. The viewer supports IFC and .rvt and can combine 2D and 3D in one view.



DaluxFM supports WFS/WMS GIS layers and has multiple maps like open street map, Ortofoto etc.

Get a free version of DaluxFM where you can manage all your buildings and add all the metadata that you desire

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