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14,000 employees at the Police can register mobile with DaluxFM HelpDesk
With few presses on the phone, all police more than 14,000 employees can now report everything from setting up a whiteboard and missing paper for lack of coolant in the police cars.

“Many had a feeling that the service employee was far away, and it was difficult to report issues. With the new system, we make ordering tasks closer to the employees. We would like to inform users as well as possible by bringing the information close to them. It is our experience that frustration and misunderstandings can arise when users are not adequately informed about the level of service they can expect. At the same time, it is more calm when you can see that a task has been reported and when you can expect it to be resolved”

Lasse Carlssont

Facilitychef i Rigspolitiet

Region Sjælland choose DaluxFM

Region Zealand and Dalux have just entered into an agreement to use the FM system, DaluxFM, in all the region’s 650,000 m2 properties. The region will use DaluxFM to handle tasks in operation and maintenance, plant registration and preventive maintenance, as well as on-time land management with CAD and BIM models and much more. Region Zealand has taken a closer look at several FM systems in which the final choice ended at Dalux.

“In the evaluation of the tender we chose that user-friendliness should weigh heaviest. We want the FM solution to reach specific users in the region, where ease of use and simplicity are crucial to whether they are doing well and using it in the daily. It should not be that it takes long courses to use the FM system. We considered Dalux to be the most user-friendly FM system. A big plus in the assessment was their mobile app’s. Here we really could see our need for the FM system to be fully rolled out and used mobile “on location” of staff on the individual properties to be met.”

Ole Høgstedt

Byggekonsulent, Region Sjælland

Lejre Municipality selects DaluxFM

Following a thorough coverage of the market for FM systems, Lejre Municipality selects DaluxFM for managing their properties and operations. 10 systems were thoroughly tested by Jette Foget, who has been at the forefront of system selection. Lejre Municipality has chosen the DaluxFM Helpdesk to report errors and deficiencies. The municipality of Lejre delivers central tasks to the correct actors. Lejre Municipality has previously handled all their operating tasks and property portfolio in a spreadsheet, which made the management of tasks and portfolio difficult.

“The municipality of Lejre has chosen to invest in Dalux FM to receive a helpdesk system for registration of property maintenance tasks and a digital system for general management of operational tasks in the property department, respectively. The advantage of a digital system is that we facilitate the ability of citizens and users to contact us and report their problems as concrete as possible – and we save a lot of administrative time because the cases are clearer from the start. At the same time, workflow optimization helps us to maintain the value of our buildings in Our Location, Lejre Kommune “

Jette has with few means digitized the central operating organization. Lejre Municipality’s suppliers are being implemented in DaluxFM, receiving their requisitions directly on their smartphones or tablets.

Jette Foget

Drift koordinator, Lejre Kommune