Photo: PLH Arkitekter

Following a market investigation, the Danish cooperative DLG a.m.b.a. has partnered with Dalux to manage the building operations at their new head office, which was completed in summer 2020.

The project was designed by PLH Arkitekter, while Rambøll acted as the general advisor, AP Ejendomme as the building owner, and NRE Denmark as the general contractor. DLG’s new head office was built on a commercial plot near the E45 motorway and the Little Belt Bridge, where other larger companies are already located. The Construction was completed in mid-2020 and about 350 employees took up their work in the building.

DLG chose DaluxFM as a helpdesk system for registering property maintenance tasks and as a digital system for general management of operational and maintenance tasks.

“After a market analysis where we looked at different options, both nationally and internationally, we decided that Dalux was the right choice for DLG. This is largely due to the user friendliness that Dalux has in all its solutions. Throughout the construction, we have also used other Dalux solutions that the general contractor has made available. Through this we became acquainted with the intuitive and user-friendly software.”

Thomas Kirkegaard

Facility Manager, DLG

DLG and Dalux have together experienced an exciting process with a lot of learnings.

“What has been particularly good about the process was that there had been ongoing follow-ups from Dalux, a thorough schedule for implementation, very competent instructions and trainings of the various phases in connection with the start-up as well as that all was very service-minded.”

Thomas Kirkegaard

Facility Manager, DLG

“It has been an exciting process where we have tested the solution together and had many interesting discussions about the advantages and disadvantages of different solution options. Including the possibility of making a digital handover of the construction, so that DLG from the first day on has a plan for the general maintenance and has the necessary documentation digital and at hand.
In the end, I could feel that what really drew Thomas to Dalux was that our solutions were very easy to use for both construction and operation, which I am extremely happy about.”

Mikkel Laurberg

Sales, Dalux