Project: H-Bygningurin, Hospital, Faroe Islands
Client: Landssjúkrahús
Contractor: Landsverk
Construction cost: 500 million DKK


Innovation in harmony with nature

 A new hospital building is being built on the Faroe Islands, close to the beach and the ocean. The extension is six stories high and covers 14,400 m².

The hospital building is characterized by the use of innovative solutions that will create a safe atmosphere for the patients and an efficient workplace for the employees. For instance, the building will be heated with waste heat from the existing building and with a heating system based on ocean water from the Atlantic Ocean. There will also be two bed towers that store clean beds and send dirty beds to a washing machine in the basement.

Dalux Field makes collaboration easier

In complex projects like hospitals, there are many disciplines that collaborate. Therefore, there are big demands on in-time delivering, coordination, task management and quality assurance. Landsverk has chosen to use Dalux Field to optimize work processes, and lessen the waiting time.

Dalux ensures a short response time on questions which makes our project progress faster. It saves time for all actors, as well as prevents pains and unnecessary conflicts.

Besides that, Dalux Field is very easy and userfriendly.

Sonni Seyer

ICT-coordinator, Landsverk

Digital communications across disciplines

Since January this year, Dalux Field has been used as the digital tool to make collaboration easier across disciplines.

The quality assurance team use Dalux for their supervision notes and reports. It makes it easy for the contractor to react fast on the items noted. The safety inspector uses Dalux in the same way for their inspections and records.

The construction management and the contractors have hereby a live picture of what is going on and what should be discussed and decided. Dalux Field makes it easier to stay updated and act in time.

Questions from the contractor about technical issues or clarifications of the construction documents are also managed through Dalux Field.

By using Dalux for our RFIs we get a fast overview over all questions and where they are in the organization. With a clear and easy overview, you get reliable treatment and the response time has been lessened considerably. The setup ensures that questions don’t stop somewhere in someones mailbox.

Right now we have 125 tasks in the system, of which 108 are finished and approved. 17 are ongoing and reported ready. The majority are RFIs and inspection notes. No task has so far been in the system longer than necessary. This makes all actors very pleased with working this way.

Sonni Seyer

ICT-coordinator, Landsverk

The hospital is expected to be ready February 2021.