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User-friendly HelpDesk reporting. Increase the service level for your employees. Easy to implement.

QR Codes

Use QR codes for more precise reportings and track the history of your assets.

Mobile and web

Users can report HelpDesk tickets from app or on the web.


The user is always updated with the status of their ticket with a full log saved on the assignment. E-mail integration makes communication easy.

Mobile HelpDesk

The Dalux FM HelpDesk app is useful for building users, enabling them to report issues or order service on-site.

All tickets are routed automatically to the appropriate Facility Manager depending on the topic and placement.

The Dalux FM HelpDesk app can be used to enhance service. Today it is used on more than 35 million square meters by over 20,000 users.

Office and Desktop users

The web HelpDesk makes it easy for users to report directly from the browser. Users are automatically notified with custom messages when there is an update to their ticket, increasing coordination.

QR codes

QR codes can be created for rooms and assets, making it easy for users to make a report on a specific location using the Dalux FM HelpDesk app. It even works offline!


Depending on location and topic, HelpDesk tickets are automatically distributed and assigned to the appropriate Facility Manager.

This means better and faster service because tickets are forwarded and handled by the appropriate person right from the start.

Dalux FM can even distribute tickets based on different asset types or by room types.

Case: The Danish Police


14,000 employees of the Danish Police can register with Dalux FM’s HelpDesk on their mobile device.


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