Keep all files in one place. Access information from your phone and online.


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Define your own metadata to apply on the files.

Easy search

It is easy to find the file you are looking for by applying filters and searching on keywords inside your documents.

Version management

Automatic version control makes it easy to handle multiple versions of a file.


Save time on defining permissions based on the user group rather than the individual.

Link PDF drawings

Easy link of PDFs with Dalux Box. With Dalux Box you can easily link PDFs to plan-, elevation- or section drawings.

Synchronise with your local computer

Skip the browser! Synchronise your project files directly to the cloud from your desktop. You can access the files on your local computer or phone. Read more about it under Dalux Box Sync.

Direct upload from revit to Box

Save time with direct upload from Revit to Dalux Box. BIM coordinators can save many hours per week with this plugin for Revit.

Print from Box

Create print sets with selected drawings and send to the print supplier of your choice. Every time the drawings are updated, you can easily make a print order of all drawings, or only the updated drawings.

Support for properties on files

Adding metadata (or properties) to your files makes your documents smarter and much easier to find again.

In Dalux Box, you can add your company’s standard properties.

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