We have released a new version of Dalux Build!

Here we go through some the new features.


New dashboard

With this release, we have changed the way you see a project and the different modules activated on the project. Upon logging into Dalux, you will automatically open the latest project that you have been working on. From the dashboard, you can see the latest activity and open the different modules. In the top left module selector, you can switch back to the dashboard. If you are working on multiple projects, you can switch projects in the center top.

Graphic view for analyzing the data on a project


Many of our users love the possibility of filtering, sorting and grouping the data columns in the different modules of a Dalux Build project. We are extending the possibilities with a graphical approach on analyzing the data of a project. Based on the data inputed, you can create either a pie chart or a bar chart.  This goes for all columns in the Company Overview, Field and Box.


Forms/ checklists

We have made a major design overhaul of our checklists/forms in Dalux Field. You can now drag and drop new data fields when setting up new checklist templates, making it much easier to create new checklist templates.

Besides the new data fields, we have also added the option of making conditions to list values. This means that you can make a more dynamic checklist where a selection of a list value opens a new set of data fields that must be answered.

User management/Organization

Instead of putting users in the organization diagram one at a time, you can create user groups and add the user groups into the organization diagram. This feature makes it much easier to manage and update the users in a project. If a user stops working on a project or a new one starts, this change will only be made in the user group which will then be updated in each organization diagram where that user group is present. It will still be possible to add single users to the organization diagram as well as a combination of single users and user groups. Besides adding user groups to the organization diagram, it is also now possible to give user groups permission to upload models and drawings to the buildings in a project.


Drag and drop

You can now drag and drop files from your local file explorer to the destination folder in Dalux Box. It is also possible to drag and drop files between folders in the Dalux Box project and attach files to a task in Field.