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Most used

Helps provide better service to over 30,000 users of more than 26 million m2.

100% Cloud

Easy access to data from the web and mobile devices. No installation. Always updated.

Mobile FM

Supports Web, iOS and Android. Operating staff can always work 100% independently of the office.

Real BIM FM-system

Supports 2D and 3D BIM – both on the web and mobile devices.

Mobile operating staff

Tasks, HelpDesk, Assets or 2D / 3D drawings.
The operating staff has all FM features at your fingertips on site.

Handling of IFC

Perfect mobile integration between GIS, Work Orders, Assets, 2D Drawings and 3D BIM. Easy upload of multiple IFCs and drawings and our BIM server can combine your BIM-models

Mobile HelpDesk

Mobile HelpDesk

Improve your service


Improve your service experience with DaluxFM HelpDesk

Easy reporting with mobile or web portal from users and tenants in your properties.

Reports are easily handled from the mobile phone with the option to send work orders directly to an external supplier.

Real BIM FM-system

Mobile FM-system

With the DaluxFM app, your operating staff can handle all work tasks on-site.

Everything from tasks, HelpDesk reports, technical installations, suppliers, drawings and 3D models can be handled from your mobile device or tablet with the DaluxFM App.

Modules – Scale the system for your organisation

Case: COOP

All of the COOP stores use the DaluxFM. HelpDesk App for easy reporting of defects.

The most widely used FM system in the nordics

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