Manage teams and projects centrally
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Follow the progress on your project in real time from the office.


Use your standard forms and tasks on all projects.


Improve efficiency across all projects with data-driven learning.

Minimise risk

Enable and support compliance of legislation and company policies in all of your projects.


Follow the progress on your projects in real time from the office. Create the views you are interested in, for example, ‘number of safety incidents in January’. Export the data to excel or PDf to share with the rest of the organisation or external partners.

Data-driven learning

Having easy access to data on topics such as quality, health, safety and performance is of great value to your organisation’s learning. Use the data generated across all your projects to identify areas for improvement.

Data-driven learning

With standardised digital practices and templates, it is even easier to start a new project in Dalux. You will also get more consistent data to use for analysing on site performance, safety, etc.

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