Pranger Rosier has digitized the construction site using Dalux Field and BIM. As a result, they have lowered the risk of making mistakes and have saved valuable time in implementing their projects. Using BIM, project engineers are always updated with the latest models and project information both in the office and on their iPads onsite.

For us, the biggest advantage of BIM and Dalux Field is the reduction of failure costs in projects, through better preparation and communication. If a BIM is available, everyone can virtually go through the project a number of times beforehand and discover potential errors. Furthermore, communicating visually with each other via a BIM also leads to better project insight among our clients and building users, so that fewer changes are needed during work preparation and implementation.

Wybren de Boer

Engineer, Pranger-Rosier

Pranger-Rosier has already used Dalux Field at the Willem Barentz Maritime Institute in Terchelling. Dalux’s software have provided Pranger-Rosier with many advantages and has been used to create tasks, link photos, and digitally track the performance and revisions of their projects.


In addition to viewing a 3D BIM and project documents on the construction site, we also use it for the digital registration of performance information and revisions, such as taking photos of important installation parts, part of which is no longer visible after delivery.

Bernard Schilstra

Engineer, Pranger-Rosier

It is very convenient for me to be able to consult all installation drawings and other information via Dalux.Furthermore, I can easily create tasks in it, with an explanation and photos linked to drawing components and assign a person responsible for their execution.

Jacob Jongeling

Senior Engineer, Pranger-Rosier

Using Dalux Field, Pranger-Rosier has been able to collaborate and communicate more efficiently. The availability of the cloud allows project users to have the most up to date information which saves time and reduces uncertainty.

Looking to the future, Dalux Field also helps to bring BIM within our organization and projects to a higher level. The program also offers extensive functionality for digitizing quality and safety inspections and other checklists. Finally, the program supports all common file formats of 3D BIM models and 2D drawings.

Botte de Vries

Project Leader, Pranger-Rosier

About Pranger-Rosier Group
Pranger-Rosier is a total installer working with large utility construction projects. With approximately 250 employees, the company works with installations from the design phase all the way up to the management and maintenance in the operational phase.