DaluxFM replaces several IT-systems and Odense Municipality simplifies the number of IT-systems in other areas of the municipality.
“In dialogue with Dalux we have worked hard to simplify and reduce the number of IT-systems in the municipality. We expect to optimise several workflows for several employees in economy, maintenance and technicians, while at the same time reducing our administration of IT systems. It will be exciting to see the result of the integration of our new and existing systems, which will provide valid data for both management and employees”, tells Birthe Papsø, Office Manager in Properties in Odense Municipality.

DaluxFM is integrated in the municipality’s ERP-system.

“Dalux is very honoured that the 4th largest municipality in Denmark, Odense Municipality, has chosen the Facility Management-system from Dalux. Right from the start we have had a good and constructive dialogue, and we look very much forward to our continued cooperation”, says Anders Scheel, VP FM Software in Dalux.

Odense Municipality expects that the implementation will continue throughout 2019 and “go live” in 2020.

Dalux offers Cloud-software for construction and management, and DaluxFM is used by 28 municipalities. Odense Municipality has 14,000 employees and 1,000,00 m2 properties.