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Make your sensors report tickets for DaluxFM Helpdesk Connect your RoomAlyzer sensors with DaluxFM Helpdesk, making it possible for you to setup triggers from your roomalyzer sensors, to prompt helpdesk tickets based on the data measured.
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Would you like a ticket when your room temperatures are too high and running up your heating bills? And when users of your buildings have left the lights on after hours? Or how about finding out straight away that you have a humidity problem in one of your cellars or that certain rooms are left unused for days on end?

IoT Fabrikken adds ‘RoomAlyzer’ to the Dalux FM system: Our wireless easy-to-use IoT sensors that measure indoor climate and usage of desks and rooms. Values measured include temperature, humidity, real CO2, TVOC, noise, light and presence (PIR, room as well as desk level). Our sensor package includes micro sensors that weigh only 3 grams.

All sensors run smoothly without the use of cables and wifi and transmit data that is easily turned into tickets in the Dalux FM help desk.

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About IoT Fabrikken

IoT Fabrikken is originally a Danish startup founded by Jon Wichmann and Mikkel Fischer in 2018. The company is known to deliver easy-to-use and complete IoT systems. The RoomAlyzer system, which measures indoor climate and usage of desks and rooms, is used by more than 55 municipalities, 40 museums and a long list of companies and schools and academies.


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