After 3-4 months of testing with good help and guidance, Mariagerfjord Municipality’s experience of DaluxFM was better than the municipality’s current FM system in all aspects. Now the municipality has changed the platforms used in their real estate center. Thus, they can better deliver its core services and at the same time, be more efficient in operations.

Mariagerfjord Municipality

Mariagerfjord Municipality has for the last 4 years been contractually bound to an FM system, which functionally did not meet the expectations of the system, and now they have switched to DaluxFM. Anders Müller from Mariagerfjord Municipality has spent some time describing what functions were not working as he imagined or completely missing.

In the final year of the contract with the current FM system, he was asked to find alternative systems that were better equipped to meet the expectations of an FM system from all levels of the municipal organization. Based on his description of wishes, faults and deficiencies, he prepared a requirements specification, which was based on the report on FM systems from Basico. He quickly got an overview of three FM systems, which they thought they could do fulfill the functions that the Municipality of Mariagerfjord called for. One system had been operating in Mariagerfjord Municipality for the past 3.5 years.

I contacted Dalux and very quickly got a presentation and full access to DaluxFM, where I could test, get the guidance and support that I needed. I tested on / off for 3-4 months and did an evaluation for my manager at the time. My judgment on Dalux was that on all parameters it was better than Mariagerfjord Municipality’s current FM system – without exception. Anders Müller

Digital Project Manager, Mariagerfjord Municipality

After contracting, I needed to get an overview of converting / moving data to DaluxFM. DaluxFM has integration with BBR, which creates all properties and buildings owned by the customer. The integration pools clusters of buildings belonging to a property (property number), which did not match the division that MFK operated from – but it was a VERY healthy exercise to review the properties and buildings. There was some manual work in setting up rented buildings and changing the relationship between Dalux buildings and the BBR building numbers – but again this has been necessary and a really good exercise. Anders Müller

Digital Project Manager, Mariagerfjord Municipality

After the Building Archive structure and basic information were in place, the rest of the transfers went relatively painlessly, including the transfer of assets / building sub-cards. Mariagerfjord Municipality has operated with a relatively low level of detailing on building parts, but this has played no role in the transfer of data, as the procedure is the same. It is simply about the creation of custom fields and the understanding of the mandatory ones. No matter how much data you have, Anders Müller believes that the transfer of data to DaluxFM will only vary for a few hours depending on the quality and consistency of existing data. Of course, it is also a prerequisite that you have knowledge of Excel and, in particular, the look-up function, since here a lot of time is saved in comparing and writing three spreadsheets into one.

Easy Conversion

In the overall process, getting the data out of the current system with all the necessary data has been the biggest problem as it had to be collected from several different areas of the system. In Dalux, the biggest challenge has been to re-create invoices for the current financial year – Mariagerfjord Municipality could not be without those- so there has been a little manual work in the process. Mariagerfjord Municipality has even got the history / costs of the individual assets over into DaluxFM, so the loss of data has been minimal. This is transferred in a custom field to save time – the history and prices of completed tasks from 2018 can be retrieved, but since no invoice has been created manually for 4 years, the data is not incorporated into the financial section of DaluxFM – a deliberate opt-out. One of the reasons why the conversion has gone relatively painless is also that Dalux has let the Mariagerfjord Municipality test the system for the time it has been needed, which has given a better insight into the system. In addition, the Municipality of Mariagerfjord has dedicated a position to deal with digital aspects in the real estate area, which is of course also a significant advantage.

It has been a pleasure to work with Anders Müller from Mariagerfjord Municipality. Anders has proved (as expected) to be quick to get to know our user-friendly FM solution thoroughly – even from all corners and edges, so he can really challenge us in workflows and best practice, which has a great value for all parties, together we become even better and more efficient at delivering the best Facility Management solution to the municipal market here in Denmark. Together, Dalux can help ensure that municipalities are given the best framework for solving their core tasks while at the same time streamlining and being value-adding in municipal property management. Mikkel Laurberg

Sales Manager, Dalux