Dalux has been nominated for EY Entrepreneur 2018 in the Growth Denmark category.
Dalux is very proud and honored to be nominated for EY Entrepreneur 2018, which is one of the world’s most acknowledged growth competitions.  The competition takes place on a regional, national, and international level with representatives from 53 different countries. 

Role models

EY Entrepreneur of The Year differs significantly from other growth contests by focusing on more than just the companies’ ability for economic growth.  EY Entrepreneur of The Year embraces the entire company and culture by focusing on the leadership, roles, and values. The award is given to a company that is a role model for the future generation of entrepreneurs.

Dalux growth

In the past year, Dalux has widely expanded its customer portfolio and has grown from 20 to 60 employees. Our growth continues, and we look forward to welcome more new customers and employees in the near future.

I am very honored that Dalux is nominated to EY Entrepreneur of The Year. Our company’s growth is important for me, but what is even more important is to have a good relationship with my employees and customers. We have high ambitions and wants to create the world’s best products. Torben Dalgaard

CEO, Dalux