Dalux BIM-Viewer is global, and we have projects in more than 90 countries.  Today, Dalux has more than 100 million square meters of BIM in our system, which is 10 times the amount of what is built in Denmark annually.

Since 2005, Dalux has been working to push the limits of how technology can ensure smarter and more sustainable work processes in the construction industry. With close cooperation with our users, we continuously optimize existing technology and develop new groundbreaking solutions.

As the first and only company in the world to do so, Dalux has implemented augmented reality for the construction industry and developped the world’s fastest mobile BIM Viewer that can handle even the most complex models.

The center of all our activities takes place at our Copenhagen headquarters, where all development takes place under a single roof.

Our mission is to create the world’s best and most user-friendly products for the construction industry, and we are constantly working to achieve this.