Dalux Fair

At Dalux Fair you will meet our knowledgeable Customer Success Managers from Dalux offices around Europe and the Americas. They are ready to assist in understanding how to implement that feature you’ve just heard about on stage, or provide with examples on how others solved the challenges you might be facing. Every module will have its dedicated stand, plus some interesting features will be highlighted.

There will always be someone ready to talk to you, so come and ask that question!

Represented at Dalux Fair:

At Dalux Fair our Customer Success Manager explaining Dalux features
At Dalux Fair our Customer Success Manager showcasing implementation of Dalux products
At Dalux Fair our Customer Success Manager with a customer at the Owners Construction stand

Get Learn Share Together

Join our user conference, a two-day summit in the heart of Copenhagen! You will get inspiration from real-life use cases, be the first to know about upcoming Dalux features and network with Construction industry and Facility Management professionals from all over the world. 

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