The Danish Police uses HelpDesk

the danish police

14,000 employees of the Danish Police can register with Dalux FM’s HelpDesk on their mobile device. With few clicks on their phone, all police employees can now report everything from missing paper in a printer to the lack of coolant in a police car.

“Many had a feeling that the service workers were far away, and it was difficult to report problems. With the new system, we have moved assignments closer to the employees. We want to inform the users that it is is possible to bring information closer to them. It is our experience that frustration and misunderstandings can arise when users are not adequately informed about the level of service they can expect. At the same time, it creates a peace of mind when you can see that a task has been reported and when you can expect it to be resolved”

Lasse Carlssont
Facility Manager of Denmark’s National Police

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