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We bring innovation to the construction industry to fight waste and inefficiencies


We believe in being passionate about our field. This is why we are a solid mix of software developers and consultants with construction backgrounds developing and advising on our products

Career journeys

At Dalux, we value creativity, innovation, and communication. This is why we have chosen to keep the internal hierarchy as flat as possible. We want continuous discussions amongst ourselves on how we can improve our products and the user’s experience. This is also why we aim to be as open about career development as possible. With our continuous growth as an organisation and our internal education at Dalux Academy, exciting pathways open and new exciting adventures presents themselves. We do not believe in fixed career paths, but want our colleagues to take the path best suited for them. In essence, this means that the sky is the limit. If you can think it, it is possible.

There are many reasons why I like working at Dalux. One of them is the work flexibility. Another is the working culture where everyone talks across departments, and we have many social events that brings the entire office together.
Peter Scheel
Peter Scheel
Software Developer, Dalux
At Dalux, teamwork is the key priority to be able to develop continuously the products with such an incredible precision and speed. Being part of a great team makes working twice as much fun.
elisabeth zachries
Elisabeth Zachries
Customer Success Manager,
D-A-CH Region, Dalux
Doing sales in Dalux is a great privilege. Having the support from the best colleagues, always striving to build the coolest product, makes it a true joy to help the construction and property industry in their digitization process.
søren hilligsøe
Søren Hillingsøe
Business Manager, Norway, Dalux

Everyday life

At Dalux, we want to create an innovative and exciting environment to work in. This is why we cherish our open-door policy and flat hierarchy feeling with open communication. We want our employees to feel comfortable making new suggestions on how to improve and develop our products. We foster this by operating with a freedom under responsibility approach to all our functions and profiles at Dalux. We want our employees to be able to follow their curiosity down pathways and explore new approaches to their fields as this creates room for new ideas and innovation to prosper.

At Dalux, we care. Not only about our work and our customers, but our colleagues. Your work itself should be fun, challenging, and intriguing, but the environment and your colleagues play just as big a part in your job satisfaction. This is why Dalux facilitates internal communication and collaboration – not only across work functions, but across offices and boarders. We want our employees to get to know one another to enable an innovative environment. If we work together, we prosper together.

As our colleagues are spread across Europe, Dalux encourages communications internally by having cross-border collaborations and meetings as well as getting everyone together for our quarterly meetings and annual Christmas gathering.

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If you have a great idea for your bachelor project, thesis, PhD, or a course project, Dalux is interested in discussing the possibilities.

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