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A Common Data Environment doesn't have to be complicated

Connect users with BIM and project information. Fully integrated with the rest of Dalux.
A real Common Data Environment (CDE), built around BIM.

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Information management

Many spaces. One platform.

ISO 19650 enabled

With clear, easy to use Shared and Published areas, approval workflows, and an enforceable file naming convention, you have the tools to digitalize your processes to enable ISO 19650 compliance.

Custom File Metadata

Add custom metadata to files that help manage your project information better.

Secure environment

Manage access to information and capabilities in a simple way. Ensure that project members only see what they are supposed to see.

DEsign management

Multiple discussions. One interface.

Collaborate your way

Communication methods and channels that work for you.
Remove the silos of information and bring the project team together in a single platform.

2D and 3D comments

Comment in either 2D or 3D using the same interface. Create specific channels to help manage project communication.

Integrate to collaborate

Create and respond to queries directly from your authoring tool when using the Dalux plugins.

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Microsoft 365 Online integration

Review and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files directly in Dalux Box.

2D and 3D compare

Compare versions of 2D drawings and documents or versions of a 3D model.

Model validation

Many thoughts. One view.

Metadata &
Geometry checks

Define both metadata requirements for elements in the model and geometry checks like hard and soft clashes.

Stay tuned for new and exciting features coming soon!

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Dalux Box

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