A new reality capture feature that allows easier and faster visual documentation than ever before.
Site inspections and walkthroughs can be automized using the Dalux mobile app and a 360° camera and combined with other features of Dalux Field.

Capture and record your walks on site with a 360° camera and Dalux app

Convert 360° video into a series of pictures connected to each other

Attach it to the model or drawing

Ready to use within minutes

Bring your visual documentation to the next level

The addition of SiteWalk to Dalux Field opens the door for a great number of feature combinations within the Dalux environment.

One Platform Solution

The user friendly features of Dalux work in combination with SiteWalk, in the same system where communication and sharing of information is already done across all project participants.


SiteWalk and Safety round

Identify possible safety issues while navigating your site from Dalux and help to keep your site free of accidents. If a problem is identified, create a safety observation to be taken care of on site in real time, improving your communication and reaction time.

SiteWalk for Photo Documentation

Improve your project documentation, save time and reduce travels to the site. Get a full overview of your project in a matter of minutes. All your walks will be stored, allowing trusted participants in the project to pay a virtual visit to your site from wherever they are. This will also allow you to recheck your project multiple times and compare images of the same area over time.


SiteWalk and Quality Control

Use SiteWalk to document your site and enhance your quality control process. Get better and more detailed information accessible by more people online, will help identifying construction issues, disconformities and minimize production errors in the end result. The post construction phase gets drastically reduced, saving time and resources.

"At Sir Robert McAlpine Dalux is recognised as a key tool in our chest for all of our project teams. It has improved communication internally threefold, but also more importantly it has improved collaboration with our client teams and supply chain alike. We’re excited to rollout the new features of 360 capture and SiteWalk to our projects.

Dalux 360 Capture and SiteWalk strengthens the quality of our project records, aligning with our company strategy to use technology and data to inspire and improve, whilst also improving resilience. Our Teams can now view and overlay our latest drawings, models and real life
Padraig Delaney
Regional Digital Construction Lead – London Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd

Trusted by industry’s largest contractors​

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