Dalux Field Basic

Free punch list tool with
drawings and BIM

Upload 3D models and drawings and handle tasks on your construction site.
Collaborate better with the whole project team.

You're in good company

Digitalize your punch list process on site

Create tasks

Create tasks in just a few simple clicks. Every task is placed on a drawing and can have pictures attached – all from your mobile device.

Easy collaboration

Collaborate better by assigning each task to a responsible person with a deadline. They can add their own attachments allowing you to track the status of each task in real-time.

Save time

Field Basic helps you stay organized by reducing time spent on defect management and gives you simple dashboards to track the handover progress of your construction project

Free to use

It’s a completely free tool – no hidden fees or costs involved. In need of more features, like an inspection plan? You can upgrade to Field Standard or Field Pro any time.

Efficient Sign-Off Process

Managing the quality of work completed by sub-contractors can be difficult and traditional methods like paper and excel are time-consuming. With Dalux, you can log in through the web to see the status of every task, access any attachments, view the full audit trail, and then dashboard the data to see where resources need to be focused. All this information can then be exported for your records or handed over to the client.

Scalable to any size project or company

No matter the size of your project, or where you sit within the construction supply chain, Field Basic can scale accordingly. You can group users into teams that only see tasks relevant to them, preventing information overload within the supply chain after a general site inspection or building inspection.

Phone and laptop mockups of Dalux Field Basic powerful BIM engine
Phone and laptop mockups of Dalux Field Basic powerful BIM engine

Powerful BIM viewer engine

Whether you have a project with 1, 2, or 600 BIM models, the Dalux Viewer engine can handle it – on any device. You can quickly and easily overlay 2D drawings on the 3D model, and if you don’t have a 3D model, you can still upload 2D drawings and use the system. You can measure within the app – no need to return to the site office to get a dimension.

Easily Collaborate and Coordinate

With no restrictions on the number of users that can be invited, and a simple and intuitive way to group users together, you can quickly and easily begin coordinating and collaborating together.
Sub-contractors can respond to tasks within Dalux with photos, mark-ups, and text and mark each one as ready for sign-off allowing you to have full traceability of each task.

Free punch list tool

Field Basic is a free mobile app to use for defect management on site. Upload your drawings or BIM models, invite your subcontractors and get started today!

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Our BIM Viewer is the fastest and best way to get your BIM models on site and in the hands of all project members.

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