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Manage kilometers of information from a single point

Powered by the World’s Best BIM Viewer, this location-based platform is seamlessly integrated to allow you to work in 2D-BIM on your infrastructure project.

You're in good company

You're in good company

The power of Dalux.
Engineered for Infrastructure.

Powered by the World’s Best BIM viewer

Developed in collaboration with global infrastructure companies, InfraField meets the complex needs of their projects and simplifies engagement. Users can work with complex 2D and 3D information in a user-friendly way, bringing kilometers of information together into a single touch point.

Seamlessly integrated

Every part of Dalux is integrated. There are no 3rd party integrations between the quality control system, CDE, BIM Viewer, or GIS system.
Upload information into Box (the CDE) and, once approved, it will become immediately available to those who need it. Or raise a field change request showing the design clashing with GIS data and capture the new as-built location from your site surveyor; all from a single interface.

Location based platform

See your 3D models in the spatial context of GIS data.

With a consistent map view highlighting your location using your mobile phone’s GPS, you’ll know where you are on a civil or infrastructure project of any scale.
The simple interface also allows users to experience infrastructure projects in a new way and see 3D models in the spatial context of GIS data, bringing immediate value to the construction of linear assets. 

Work in 2D-BIM

Use your GIS data like you would a BIM model and generate checks based on 2D-BIM objects. Drive productivity in repetitive checks, like plate bearing tests. Generate specific checklists at set distances along an alignment and automatically pull in the relevant GIS metadata. 

Built for big  bigger BIM Infra

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