Digital, user-friendly and secure tender platform
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Safe and secure processes to ensure confidentiality.

Effective and user-friendly

User-friendly and help support you in your procurement process.


Automated notifications when new documents are loaded or changed.

Process Management

Any changes or actions are logged. creating a full audit trail.

Engage with your supply chain more efficiently

Dalux Tender makes it easy to handle everything digitally through one platform. Optimize the workflow, save time and reduce costs by distributing tenderers directly through Dalux Tender platform.

Text search

Search for words or sentences in a document across files in your project. Can be used for File formats such as  .docx, .xlsx, PDF, JPG etc.

Multiple folder structures and integration

Dalux Tender supports a multiple folder structure with the ability to create new tenders when needed and to support your internal teams within Procurement. Dalux Tender is integrated to Dalux Field, our Quality Control and Common Data Environment solution,  with the power to view 2D, 3D and AR on your mobile device.

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