Dalux Handover

Easy and efficient handover


All your information kept safe and well documented in a structured database.

Data collection

Easily collect quality data across all participants throughout the duration of a construction project.

Efficient transition

Dalux Handover ensures the efficient transition of a project from construction to maintenance teams.

Save time and costs

Save time and reduce costs by streamlining information used for facility management, operations and maintenance.

Better data

Maintaining the quality of data is essential and valuable for all collaborators, and is the cornerstone of Dalux Handover.

With Handover, you can:

Connect BIM models to documents

Building parts

The building parts are key in Dalux Handover to connect BIM models, drawings, pictures, location, products, producers, and maintenance tasks with files, manuals, commissioning reports, issue documentation, and more.

The connected data ensures proper documentation for contractors and the effective operation and maintenance for clients post-construction.

Maintenance tasks

The obligations set and suggestions generated by contractors and building owners are classified as repetitive maintenance tasks in Dalux Handover. Because the maintenance of buildings accumulates more costs relative to the construction process itself, Dalux Handover offers big potential for cost savings and effective operation.

Contractors’ recommendations, warranty related tasks, and maintenance tasks mandated by law are clearly defined and displayed in Handover. This allows the FM team to prioritize and optimize time and costs as they receive data from the handover process.

Location data

With optimized location data, users can save on time and costs by prioritizing repetitive maintenance tasks.
Dalux Handover ensures detailed location data regarding the following:

Dalux Handover

Optimized collection process

Dalux Handover works well integrated with other modules. It is simple to invite users to Handover as part of the collection process. This makes it easier to refer to and use already established and optimized project workflows, work packages, and user setups when needed.

Unique exports

To support various clients’ needs, data in Dalux Handover can be exported in the following ways:

Dalux FM uses Dalux Handover as a high-quality data-source, allowing instant FM operation based on the Handover data. All data is automatically transferred using the Dalux FM project module to automatically filter and accept relevant data from Handover.

Cloud Collaboration

Dalux Handover makes it possible to collect and sync operational information easily and efficiently on one single web-based platform. All users can add and access information at the same time and trust that the data is secure in a structured and well documented database.

Improve the entire life cycle of a project

Handover gives clients and owners complete visibility of the status, conditions and standards of the building. It improves efficiency, speed and safety though the entire project, from initial plans to post delivery and especially beyond, when the building is maintained using optimized data from Dalux Handover.

Creates value for:

  • Building owners, who can access reliable information and get the overview of how materials and structures should work and be maintained.
  • Main contractors, who get a safe delivery process.
  • Operators, who get a good overview of products and tasks, saving costs and time.


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