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Dalux BIM Viewer is the fastest, simplest, and most connected BIM viewer in the world. 

It’s the easiest way to access your project information and have 1000’s of models in your pocket. 

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Phone and laptop mockups of Dalux Field Basic powerful BIM engine

Your entire project in your pocket

Dalux BIM viewer is the world’s best at handling multiple complex BIM models. Have confidence that you can see and engage with your project information, regardless of project size, model complexity, or access device! 

Mobile functions

  • 2D/3D side by side 
  • Sections / Cuts 
  • 2D Length and Area 
  • Point to Point 
  • Laser 
  • 3-Axis Laser 
  • Filter based on models 
  • Filter based on element properties 
  • Save the views 

See all properties of an element in the model 

Free plugins

Simplify your BIM workflow and share models quickly with the project team. 

Dalux BIM Viewer is the only free tool that comes with plugins to Revit, Navisworks, Tekla, ArchiCAD, and more. Quick and easy to upload and federate your BIM models. 

Simple Communication

Experience collaboration and communication centred around BIM with our included comment functionality. Import clashes from Solibri or Navisworks, invite unlimited collaborators, and try a better way of working.  

All comments have a responsible person and an audit trail. Quickly raise, respond, track, and close-out any comments the project team may have. 

Comment overview in Dalux BIM Viewer
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Free Dalux products

Understand which product suits your needs best

Dalux offers two different free solutions.  
BIM Viewer for viewing and commenting on your models and Field Basic for viewing your models on site, snagging and task management. 


  • BIM Viewer
  • 2D drawing
  • Mobile app (View 2D and 3D)
  • Plugins (Revit, Achicad, Tekla, Navisworks)
  • Comments (Review)
  • Solibri live connector
  • Comments in plugins
  • Import clash tests form Navisworks
  • Tasks on mobile (Snagging)
  • Tasks on web
  • Tasks workflows

BIM Viewer


Field Basic


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