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  We have added commenting collaboration in the World’s fastest BIM Viewer. And it’s for free. 

Federated Models
2D/3D Integration
Open Standards
Comment Tracking

The use of Dalux BIM Viewer has enhanced site collaboration and efficiency bringing 3D models at core of our construction activities. The tool makes the 3D models always available, allowing all our site users to review and validate construction installation through a powerful and easy to use AR capacity. 

Marco Bonelli

Digital Lead, VINCI Construction UK

What is Dalux BIM Viewer+? 

Design Collaboration 

Dalux BIM Viewer+ is your free communication tool integrated with your BIM model. Create, track and manage comments in the web-based viewer or in the desktop application. 

BIM On-Site

Dalux BIM Viewer+ is your free mobile viewer for all your BIM-files. Combine your IFC, Revit and other model files, as well as your 2D drawings into one model and access them on-site through your mobile phone or tablet. 

Comment Tracking 

BIM Coordination

Use our free Dalux BIM Viewer+ for BIM coordination. Identify and create comments to share with your project teams.


Gather all comments, queries and questions in one place. Thereby, you avoid issues getting lost in external email communication. Everyone can access them at any time which enables working in between review meetings.

User Friendly

Our viewer is easy to use. You don’t need to be a BIM expert to be part of the design process. 

  • Intuitive interface.
  • Real time commenting between authoring tool and web-application.
  • Cloud-based for easy access on any everyday computer.


Get started today!

The viewer is available in your browser, or you can download our app for Windows or mobile (iOS & Android).

Mobile BIM Viewer

Share BIM models on site 

Dalux BIM Viewer+ makes it easy for anyone in the project team, including the client and end-user, to access the BIM model from their phone. 

  • Easy to navigate.
  • Fast loading of models.
  • Intuitive setup of projects. 
A Powerful Tool at Your Fingertips 

Our BIM Viewer is fast, reliable and can handle big and complex buildings—also on small devices.  Combine IFC, Revit, PDF and DWG in the same view and see 2D drawings together with 3D models.  Create filters, measure round objects, and make box cuts in a matter of seconds.

Get started today!

The viewer is available in your browser, or you can download our app for Windows or mobile (iOS & Android).

Uploads via plugin or open standards 

Windows Desktop App 

To get the full experience, download our desktop app. Dalux BIM Viewer+ Windows App provides all the features of the web browser with improved performance.  It is designed to use your computer’s resources better, by fully utilizing the 3D graphics capabilities of your local computer instead of being limited by the browser, and thus results in smoother and faster rendering. 

Trusted by 250 000+ users worldwide 

Do you want to do more with your BIM model?

 Check out: 
  • Our CDE Dalux Box for project planning and organization.  
  • Our onsite tool Dalux Field for issues management and reporting.  
  • Our facility management system DaluxFM for an all around platform for owners and operating staff. 


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