Dalux Windows App

Here you can install the new Dalux Windows App 

Dalux Windows App is designed to give you all the known features of the web browser, with even better performance.

When installed on your Windows computer, you can access Dalux with your normal login.

Dalux Windows App is designed to use your computer’s resources better (especially the 3D graphics, using the abilities of your local computer).

The App can be installed in a couple of ways. The first one is the easiest, but it depends on your local IT administration what method is possible.

1. Install (Windows App Installer)

Install Dalux Windows App

Information for IT administrators: This requires sideloading to be enabled (always enabled from Windows 10 2004 or you have to toggle side loading in ‘developer settings’ or by policy).

2. Microsoft Store 

Open the App page in Microsoft Store 

Information for IT administrators: May require a Microsoft login – your Office365, etc. work account is NOT a Microsoft login.

Note that these are two different app identities with the same name. If you have issues installing the Dalux Windows App, contact your local IT administrator and provide this page as information. The most likely solution will be to allow the first option: 1. Installer (sideloading) or the appx behind it would also be enterprise deployable through SCCM or Intune.

3. MSI

This option is not recommended and is only available for companies who are unable to use the above modern installation methods. Using the MSI method comes with several drawbacks:

– It requires admin rights to install

– It is not able to update automatically, requiring manual effort when a new required version is out.

– Links from a browser to open a page in the desktop app will try to open the sideloaded version and will thus not work with the MSI installed app. This means that the desktop app should be opened by the user as a locally installed application instead.

Download the MSI installer here if you accept above drawbacks.