Network and learn at Dalux User Days

Dalux User Days are a unique opportunity to network with peers, learn from industry experts, and get more insight into how Dalux can assist in increasing productivity on your projects.

Learn from the best

Get inspired by industry professionals from the Dalux Community when they present their stumbling blocks, mistakes and not the least successes.

Get more insight into Dalux

Our events will give you a chance to get a better understanding of how Dalux products can be used and implemented in various projects and in the entire organisation.

Network with peers

Connect with and learn from like-minded people on different levels, from large corporations to family-owned businesses.

User Days near you

Events are taking place across Europe and South America.

User Days near you

Each User Day will be conducted in your local language.

Dublin, Ireland

London, United Kingdom

Copenhagen, Denmark

Århus, Denmark

Baarn, Netherlands

Prague, Czechia

Talinn, Estonia

Paris, France

Budapest, Hungary

Vilnius, Lithuania

Bergen, Norway

Oslo, Norway

Trondheim, Norway

Warsaw, Poland

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Barcelona, Spain

Stockholm, Sweden

Gothenburg, Sweden

Santiago, Chile

Riga, Latvia

Tromsø, Norway

Zurich, Switzerland

Milano, Italy

Brussels, Belgium

Vienna, Austria

Oulu, Finland

Lausanne, Switzerland

Hamburg, Germany

Helsinki, Finland

Madrid, Spain

Munich, Germany

User Days 2023

München, Deutschland

Stockholm, Sverige

Zürich, Schweiz

Hamburg, Deutschland

Dublin, Ireland

Magyarország, Budapest

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