We improve the construction industry through digitalization

Dalux develops products aimed at the construction industry. Besides letting us use our skills within 3D and visualization, there are some very real reasons for this: The construction industry is amongst the most polluting industries globally. By creating products that facilitates better, more smooth construction processes, Dalux helps minimize the time and resources wasted and lost, limiting the pollution and emissions in the process.

We want to do what we are the best at. We also want what we are good at to benefit the world around us.

About Dalux

Since 2005, Dalux has worked to make the construction industry smarter and more efficient. Our user-friendly digital tools and BIM technology (3D building information models) are currently used by leading contractors, builders, and advisors in 147 countries.

Dalux push the limits of how technology can ensure smarter and more sustainable work processes in the construction industry. In close corporation with our users, we continuously optimize existing technology and develop new ground-breaking solutions. In recent years, we have launched a number of world news, including the world’s fastest mobile BIM-viewer and BIM-based Augmented Reality for mobile devices.

All our activities originate at our headquarters in Copenhagen where all development takes place under one roof. In addition, we have several foreign offices and our Customer Success Management team ensures that our more than 700 000 users can get help wherever they are in the world.

We have no external investors and can therefore think long term and focus undisturbed on our customers’ wishes and needs.

Dalux has users in more than 147 countries

Denmark +45 53727300

Norway +47 23 96 00 95

Sweden +46 40 66 88 747

Germany +49 32 221097769

Switzerland +41 43 508 15 20

Austria +43 720 881466

UK +44 20 38 687120

Netherlands +31 208 08 82 90

USA 312-489-8494

France +33 1 86 65 99 00

Czech Republic +420 736351212

Slovenia +386 (0)1 600 8616

Spain +34 911 98 18 70

Poland +48 22 104 00 04

Finland +358 1454 71111

Lithuania +370 5 214 1412

Italy +39 0282952730

Copenhagen, Denmark

Vejle, Denmark

Aalborg, Denmark

Malmo, Sweden

Kista, Stockholm, Sweden

Vélizy Villacoublay, France

Vilnius, Lithuania

Prague, Czech Republic

Amsterdam, Netherlands

London, United Kingdom

Leeds, United Kingdom

München, Germany

Düsseldorf, Germany

Madrid, Spain

Wien, Austria

Warszawa, Poland

Lausanne, Switzerland

Zürich, Switzerland

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Helsinki, Finland

Milan, Italy

Oslo, Norway

Brussels, Belgium

Bern, Switzerland

Dalux has the highest creditworthiness

Dalux has a AAA-credit rating, which proves the strongest financial foundation of the company.

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