Mostostal Warsaw makes a strategic agreement with Dalux

Mostostal Warsaw signs a company agreement with Dalux as a step in their digital transformation. A strategic cooperation with Dalux is the latest step of Mostostal Warsaw on the way to the digitization of all processes. Dalux tools will support more effective management of construction processes in the company. “Mostostal Warsaw’s slogan is “WE BUILD […]

JM Sweden enters into a strategic collaboration with Dalux

men at construction site using Dalux Field on mobile and tablet

JM, one of the leading developers of housing and residential areas in the Nordic region, enters a strategic collaboration agreement with Dalux. JM continues their investment in digital working methods in the housing production and the latest step in their journey has been to establish a platform for collaboration. The final choice fell on Dalux, […]

DLG chooses DaluxFM for their new head office in Fredericia, Denmark

Following a market investigation, the Danish cooperative DLG a.m.b.a. has partnered with Dalux to manage building operations in their new head office, which was completed in the summer of 2020. The project was designed by PLH Arkitekter, while Rambøll was the general advisor, AP Ejendomme the building owner, and NRE Denmark the general contractor. DLG’s new head office […]

Zigurat boosts BIM learning by partnering with Dalux

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology has partnered with Dalux to provide BIM management learning and training to teach more than 500 professionals worldwide. Students will get the possibility to simulate real processes with Dalux’ cutting-edge digital tools. The key for Dalux and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is the development of international projects. Through this […]

Bouygues uses Dalux for a large project in France

Bouygues Batiment Nord-Est uses Dalux for one of the largest projects in Lille, France. Bouygues Batiment Nord-Est uses Dalux for the construction of ‘The Work Lab City’ which consists of 15,000 sqm office space and 2,600 sqm shops and services. We use Dalux from the design to handover phase. Dalux helps us compare what is […]

Bravida uses Dalux for 170.000 sqm construction

Bravida uses Dalux for the construction of Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark. The hospital will be built in Aalborg East and will be 170,000 sqm (including service city). Bravida works with Dalux whenever possible – with Dalux we can ensure that our project managers have the latest project material at all times directly on the […]

New Dalux office in Munich

Dalux has taken the next step in its global expansion by opening a new office in Munich. Dalux continues to grow and has opened office number 18 in Munich to be closer to our German users. We are happy to have Dirk Thiesen and Andreas Magg onboard. The entire German team, Elisabeth Zachries, Dirk Thiesen, Stefan Lorenzen, Andreas Magg, and Hauke Klüver, look forward to supporting our […]

YIT uses Dalux for structured quality control

Nuppu is a complex residential project in Bratislava, which covers 5.5 hectares and will offer 999 housing units. Dalux was our first common data environment system for tasks, issues, approval flows and documentation. With Dalux, we easily digitized all physical documentation. We have agreements with our subcontractors to use Dalux for all documentation and communication. This […]

PROMA uses Dalux for quality management

Project communication on small projects with a few participants is often handled in person, by email, or by phone. However, in more complex projects such as the 10.000m² Automation Center in Horná Streda, traditional communication channels won´t be sufficient. Therefore, PROMA was looking for an intuitive CDE system that would allow to mark an issue directly in drawing, assign […]

Dalux awarded with AAA-credit rating for the 4th year in the row

We are proud to announce that Dalux has received the AAA-credit rating for the 4th year in the row.  AAA is the highest rating in Denmark and requires that the company has an annual turnover of more than 2 million, has been in business for at least 10 years, and has key figures that are […]