Zigurat boosts BIM learning by partnering with Dalux

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology has partnered with Dalux to provide BIM management learning and training to teach more than 500 professionals worldwide. Students will get the possibility to simulate real processes with Dalux’ cutting-edge digital tools.

The key for Dalux and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology is the development of international projects. Through this education agreement and collaborative work, Dalux and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology will develop active learning projects for master’s degree students in three different programs from November 2020. The students will get access to Dalux Box and Field which will teach them how to work collaboratively through a BIM server and a Project Management platform as a part of an innovative academic program of Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. The online international school offers advanced training for architects, engineers and other professionals of the construction sector in more than 70 countries in three different languages.

At Zigurat, our mission is to provide our students with the most advanced tools that allow them to take full advantage of the BIM work environment. In this regard, the use of Dalux solutions will undoubtedly result in more efficient communication and collaboration between participants and prepare them to face professional challenges with more agility.
In concrete terms the partnership will have influence on 300 professionals attending the Master’s in Global BIM Management in English, Máster Internacional BIM Management in in Spanish language and Master Internacional em BIM Management in Portuguese which will get the opportunity of gaining a global vision and be trained on market collaborative platforms like Dalux, enabling them to master the technology and processes required in the industry.
Through this agreement, Dalux will facilitate the incorporation of Zigurat’s students into the market. By using the Box and Field products, they will have access to innovative and user-friendly solutions based on BIM, that satisfy a changing industry in full digital transformation such as the construction sector.
Dalux is market leader in 3D-based system support for the construction industry’s digitalization and the software is used in more than 115 countries by 200.000 users. Dalux have more than 3000 Spanish users and an office located in Madrid.


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