Jyske Bank creates a safer working environment and saves time for 4,000 employees 

Ease of use and simple workflows have been paramount for Jyske Bank during their digitisation journey with Dalux FM. 

The FM department in Jyske Bank constantly receives ad-hoc tasks from 4,000 employees across their 164 buildings with a total floor area of 170,000 sqm. Jyske Bank had a clear vision to optimize operations as much as possible, and Dalux FM has helped streamline their workflows and digitises otherwise time-consuming manual processes.

According to Flemming Kronholm, Department Director at Jyske Bank, the bank significantly benefited from using Dalux FM:

“Dalux FM has improved our work processes. Ease of use, always available contact is a really important tool on our digitalisation journey. With Dalux FM, we save time and get a safer working environment.”

In addition, the bank has invested specifically in upskilling their employees in the use of Dalux FM because, according to Flemming, a digital transformation piece will not succeed without the goodwill of the employees.

Bent Klein, a carpenter at Jyske Bank, is one of the employees who was initially skeptical, but has since realised significant benefits: 

“Before I started using Dalux, I thought that everything was running fine, so why change things? But when I learned how to use Dalux FM, I experienced a lot of benefits. Now we have pictures of almost all tasks, and the entire department’s task list is gathered in one place. Once I’ve entered a ticket, I don’t have to think about it anymore until I get a notification on my phone that it’s time to start. Dalux FM is a huge help in my work and a really good tool.” 

Digital Fire Inspection Plans
Lars Bjerre Pedersen, Security Manager at Jyske Bank also feels that Dalux FM helps to ensure better workflows, greater oversight and better control of the documentation:

“We use Dalux FM to a large extent. All employees can report bugs/deficiencies relating to FM via the HelpDesk. Quick tickets have been created in HelpDesk, which ensures that the tickets end up with the performing unit the first time, whether this is internal or external. Building technical operation and maintenance is handled in the O&M module, where external suppliers are also assigned tasks, either automatically via HelpDesk and task series, or ad-hoc. This means that task flow is optimized and that there is a full history of the individual tasks. All technical installations are registered as assets, to which full documentation is attached, such as manuals, descriptions, audits and inspection reports. If maintenance requires the upload of documentation for, for example, a technical installation, this is linked to the individual asset, whereby the people who have access to the assets also have access to the relevant documentation.”    

Lars also emphasises that Dalux FM has ensured full traceability in their controls and maintenance, which can be used as documentation for the authorities and their insurance provider. Another major advantage is the constant overview of work processes, system integrations, functionality, and components, which contributes to the minimization of manual handling.

“At Jyske Bank, we carry out Digital Fire Inspection Plans checks as described in BR18, section 5, chapter 7, on all fire technical equipment such as fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, emergency and panic lighting, hand fire extinguishers and hose reels etc. Everything is registered as assets, with associated documentation. Tickets are generated for this equipment via created task series. These tickets are dived into weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and 10-yearly checks, which can be seen when the QR code on the individual asset is scanned, or in the task manager’s own tickets. The checks are carried out by both internal employees and external accredited suppliers. If a defect or a deficiency is found during inspection, the contractor immediately generates a ticket on the individual asset, which is the automatically sent to the supplier which is accredited to solve tickets on the specific equipment, without wasting time,” says Lars. 

The future with Dalux FM
Both Dalux and Jyske Bank are looking ahead to even greater collaboration:

“Our collaboration with Dalux is paramount, not only because Dalux are proactive and listen, but also because we have close and quick contact when necessary. Ideas and change proposals are taken seriously and we see fast implementation of these if they provide value. Due to Dalux’ active approach to Jyske Bank as a customer, we see a long-term supplier/customer relationship,” concludes Lars.


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