The newest news about Dalux

Projects in 90+ countries

Dalux has projects in more than 90 countries. Dalux BIM-Viewer is global, and we have more than 100 million sqm BIM in our system, which is 10 times as much as what is built annually in Denmark. Since 2005, Dalux has been working to push the...

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Landsverk has made a corporate company deal with Dalux

Landsverk, the House of Public Works in the Faroe Islands has made a corporate company deal with Dalux. “Dalux Field is very user-friendly and simple. Dalux ensures that we have a good response time to questions and ensure better progress in the construction,"- Sonni...

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Nominated to EY Entrepreneur of the year 2018

Dalux is nominated to EY Entrepreneur of the year 2018 in the category Growth DK. Dalux is very proud and honored to be nominated to EY Entrepreneur of the year 2018 DK, which is one of the world’s most acknowledged growth competitions that takes place at both...

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Over 200 participants for Dalux User Day

Over 200 users from around the world participated in Dalux Build User Day at BLOX. We are very honored that so many construction professionals choose to be a part of the one-day conference and the pre-event. The pre-event took place the night before our User Day at...

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YIT in Lithuania made a corporate agreement with Dalux

The well-known company YIT Kausta has tested the benefits of Dalux' products and decided to make a long-term contract. “The app offered by Dalux integrates our existing BIM models into mobile smart devices, allowing real-time access to all project information on site....

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