Wicotec Kirkebjerg uses DaluxFM on Denmark’s largest PPP project

Wicotec Kirkebjerg A/S (WK) is maintaining all hospital technical installations as well as managing operations with DaluxFM and BIM at Skejby Psychiatric Center, one of Denmark’s largest Public-Private-Partnership projects.

The Central Jutland Region handed over the 50,000 m2 project to WK who now have a 25 year long contract as operators. The Facility Management agreement covers all technical installations and fixing equipment, i.e., white goods, cupboards, and other furniture. 

After thoroughly testing and mapping the market for CAFM systems, WK opted for DaluxFM. DaluxFM supports WK’s operations in the Skejby Psychiatric Center as well as the National Archives in Viborg where WK is also responsible for facility management.

Prior to DaluxFM, we had tried similar solutions without reaching the goal. We have been recommended DaluxFM several times, and therefore started with a trial period so we could test the system. The appeal of DaluxFM is ease of use, handling of our Revit models, and the intuitive interface. In addition, DaluxFM does not drain our bank accounts. 

Brian Østergaard
‘Head of Department, Wicotec Kirkebjerg

User-friendly and fast implementation 

WK chose a very fast and steep implementation. After only a few months they were using DaluxFM to manage all operations. WK has been responsible for setting up the entire system with workflows that are necessary to support both the strategic, financial, and operational functions. They have done so without encountering any major challenges. The system has already been expanded with more modules in accordance with WK’s new needs regarding operational support.

Dalux’s solutions have proven to fully live up to our requirements regarding usability. Likewise, the constructive collaboration with Dalux has made the implementation in the operation easier than we had dared to hope for. There has been good and fast support throughout – without extra bills

Nizita Jaqueline Jensen
Project Manager – Responsible for the implementation of DaluxFM, Wicotec Kirkebjerg

Along the way, WK has received training and had short follow-up meetings with Dalux. Among other things, the purpose of the meetings has been to give super-users a thorough review of the modules in DaluxFM and the apps that they use in their everyday lives, as well as address any challenges they have faced. 

All employees have received good preparation for the tasks, and it is a pleasure to see how everyone is very committed and positive regarding the use of DaluxFM. 

Brian Østergaard
Head of Department, Wicotec Kirkebjerg

Dalux is also very positive about the collaboration with Wicotec Kirkebjerg.

It has been a very exciting collaboration, where we have pushed some new boundaries and challenged both WK and our solutions with the very large and complex data that the project includes. I am personally very pleased with the good and constructive cooperation and to see the great progress that WK has had on such a complex construction that will be operating 24/7/365. 

Mikkel Sørensen
Product Specialist, Dalux

At Dalux, we always aim to have the best solutions and the most satisfied customers. We are only happy when the customers are happy, and they derive value from our solutions. With this simple approach to success, we can together create the right alignment of expectations and in collaboration with the customers create a start-up process that ensures that DaluxFM can quickly deliver value to the customer. A prerequisite for this is that the customer’s internal organization takes an active part in the process and is willing to take responsibility and be ready for change. WK has been a good example of this. 

Mikkel Laurberg
Sales Manager, Dalux

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