SRV is using Dalux Augmented Reality on a complex construction project with over 250 users in the system.

SRV has used Dalux since 2019 and they have over 120 active projects with Dalux. Currently they have a large on-going project in Finland, Tampereen Kansi and Areena, that includes a hotel building with 105 rooms, 148 apartments, a casino and a new sport and concert arena, which can seat 15 000 people. The project utilizes up-to 96 IFC-files and 83 PDF/DWG pictures and in the planning and execution phases of the project, with over 250 users in the system. The project is planned to be done later in 2021.

Furthermore, SRV also uses the Augmented Reality functionality in a majority of their projects, making it easy and clear to review their construction process.

We utilize Dalux´s browser version in planning meetings and the mobile application on-site. With Dalux even a large BIM model is easy and quick to handle with a regular mobile device on the construction site. Markus Almgren

BIM Engineer, SRV plc