The German construction company Geigergruppe has been using Dalux Field for the renovation of an underground car park in Stuttgart.

Geigergruppen’s goal is to ensure smooth coordination of the construction of a cathodic corrosion protection system between the planning engineering office and Geigergruppen’s construction work on site. This integrated system is intended to sustainably prevent corrosion of the reinforcement in the concrete.

The German construction company uses Dalux Field on a project license. It was crucial for them to have a user-friendly tool with customisable documentation. Being able to use BIM as part of the software system was also an important factor. The tool serves as a central project platform where all relevant information and tasks regarding successful implementation of the project are linked together and distributed to the respective individuals in charge.

Smooth coordination is ensured by publishing and linking 3D BIM data and 2D planning documents from the planning phase, as well as coordinating all project participants via task management. They also use Dalux to document information on the construction site by using checklists on mobile devices.

​“Thereby we achieve a transparent overview and always have the project status in view.” says Christopher Klimesch, Project Manager BIM and Innovation.

The information is gradually incorporated into an as-built model and is made available to the project team via Dalux Field.

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Geigergruppe handles customer orders regarding infrastructure, real estate, and environmental engineering and offers services such as supply, construction, renovation, and waste management. The construction company was founded 1923 in the German town Oberstdorf and currently has over 3,500 employees in several European countries.
Since 2005, Dalux has been making the construction and real estate industry smarter and more efficient. In close cooperation with leading construction companies, project managers, planners, and subcontractors in more than 150 countries across 150,000 projects, we are digitising the construction and real estate industry. Our goal is to provide support throughout the entire life cycle of a building, from the initial idea to commissioning with our BIM-based software solutions.