Nuppu is a complex residential project in Bratislava, which covers 5.5 hectares and will offer 999 housing units.

Dalux was our first common data environment system for tasks, issues, approval flows and documentation. With Dalux, we easily digitized all forms from physical documentation to digital. We have entered into agreements with our subcontractors to use Dalux for all documentation and communication. This made it easier for suppliers to meet conditions such as photo documentation, which they could attach directly to a drawing or model. Thanks to digitization, YIT gained an analytical overview of all documentation, forms and tasks.

YIT uses Dalux work packages to control and assign tasks. It currently has 55 work packages set up based on vendor or department with 3-5 types of workflows.

“YIT looks at the whole construction process holistically. We started with Dalux Field and BOX and then we implemented Tender, we want to use even more functions in the future and make Dalux the main database of our projects.”

Dávid Pätoprstý

BIM Specialist, YIT Slovakia