Jansen Group elevates its operations with Dalux BIM

With over 350 professionals working on a daily basis to achieve top objectives, the Jansen Building Company has high standards. In order to support its operations, they have collaborated with Dalux. Dalux has no external investors and can therefore think long term and focus undisturbed on customer needs and demands. 

BIM isn’t just a tool to visualize the project in 3D, it is more a way of working together. Especially between the offices and the people on-site and for example subcontractors. That is why we choose Dalux as our BIM tool.

Sarai Bervoets
Head of Sales & Engineering, Jansen the Building Company

Since 2005, Dalux has worked to make the construction industry smarter and more efficient. Our user-friendly digital tools and BIM technology (3D building information models) are currently used by leading contractors, builders, and advisors in 147 countries.


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