Peab uses Dalux for the construction of the New Hospital Area Malmö

As more hospital areas are emerging In Malmö, there is a growing demand for the construction of new service buildings. Peab, the leading Nordic construction and civil engineering company, is responsible for the development of 26,000 sqm building that will streamline the hospital area’s logistics and supply. At the same time the building will include laboratory facilities and offices for Region Skåne. For this complex project, Peab Sweden has chosen to use Dalux’s digital tools.

Dalux has already become my favorite tool. We started with safety inspections, which went well. Now it is time to implement Dalux on more tasks.
Dalux, as a market leader in 3D-based system support for the digitalization of the construction industry, will be used in several areas in addition to safety monitoring.
Being able to document our work directly on the spot where it is performed and controlled is priceless and will simplify everyone’s work


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