Dalux Summit 2019 welcomed more than 500 people

At this year’s Dalux Summit, we welcomed more than 500 people from 27 countries. This is twice as much as last year. We were pleased to see so many construction professionals interested in helping us reach our main goal: creating a cool product.

The event brought together Dalux Build and FM customers. The participants had the opportunity to learn from industry experts, network and share the knowledge with other Dalux international users. The day was filled with inspiring talks and interesting presentations from different companies around the world who use Dalux in their own projects. Our customers could also hear about upcoming features of Dalux.

Both Dalux and our clients were delighted to be a part of Dalux Summit 2019.
Great Summit by Dalux today. They listen to their costumers and develop for the future. I am looking forward to follow the journey. Today I was one of the 550 guests that participated at Dalux Summit 2019. It is amazing to see how far this tool has come and how easily facilitates the communication between all stakeholders involved in a project from appraisal stage to handover and even further. Really inspiring to hear about how our customers benefit from our software. We look forward to creating another memorable Dalux Summit and seeing you all in 2020.


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